Monday, 1 December 2008


It's been a while ... a new life has started since ...

First, I lured the Laplandkiller into living in Belgium here with me, instead of him keeping me captured in the high north. We now live together in my little flat, which is sometimes a bit too small ... it was hard in the beginning to share my private space with somebody else. But now we seem to have found a kind of symbiosis in our mutual messiness. We are playing house with the cats now, having fun with their specific characters they each have. I know that my bf is more of a dog/poodle lover, but it seems now that him and the cats have accepted each other. What am I saying ! The cats swirl around his leggs when he comes home, as much as they do with me.

Second, colleagues and friends around me are baby-booming. November has been a realy succes for diaper companies around here. So I have been looking at baby pictures more than is good for me.

Third, the craving started ... I never thought it would happen to me ... no, not me, I would resist it ... Ever since elementary school, I have been saying that. Why do I change my mind now ?!

There was no use in resisting it, and yes, I accuse the baby-boomers.

So I gave in to the craving of .... crocheting

I hated it when we had to learn it in school. I loathed the struggle with stitches and patterns, the sweaty hands and squeeking yarn over the hook. It gave me goosebumps.

But I was so in need of cheap cuddly baby presents. First I tried origami and diapercakes, but after finding out that:

a: diapers aren't that cheap

b: feeling ridiculous in buying diapers with no kid hanging around me

c: Kat saying:' origami, cute, but, what do people do with it?'

I changed quickly to the soft feeling of yarn in my hands. So coming up soon, pictures of my experiments with the hook.

Oh yeah, fourth: as we both are addicted to chess, after all, it brought us together, we subscribed to the chess club again. So now, on tuesdays, you can find me struggling behind the board again.

this was our life in a nutshell,

yours truly,


ps: don't forget why I keep on writing in English:


Vera said...

He faluchke, ik was je kwijt...wat is er veel gebeurd daar en hier...graag een update?

Anonymous said...

You scared me....I thought you were going to say, you were pregnant ;-)


karienake said...

Mijn Engels is niet zo goed...
Zeg je nu dat je zwager bent ;-)
In dat geval, proficiat.
Ik denk aan Simonne, mijn vriendin, een voel een lichte steek van jaloezie. Zij wordt oma en ik bijlange nog niet.