Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Shopping Shame

I needed to go shopping ... I needed to shop badly. At some periods in a woman's live, she just wants to go into the city and spend money. So off I went, looking for a trolley to fit in the hand luggage of an airplane.

The trolley had to measure up to some requirements. Of course the thing must be able to be stuffed into the luggage compartment of a plane. Since, due to my again florescence love life, I am going to travel by plane few times a year, a trolley would come in handy. So, it had to be rather small.

The precious thing also couldn't be too expensive. Most of the bags that I found were far too expensive for my little nurse salary. It was going to be a long search. I strolled the city for hours, bought a lot of other stuff and finally, finally found what I was looking for.

'Do you know if this trolley is allowed into the hand luggage on the plane?' I asked the lady behind the counter.

'I think so', she said, 'but the smaller one of them will most probably be allowed. But, you also have to see how big your child is, it must be able to pull it without trouble.'

My mind went buzzing. Should I play along with her, pretending that I had an eight year old daughter travelling along ?

I bent over the counter, making sure that nobody could hear me and whispered to the lady: 'Don't tell anyone, but I'm buying this for myself ...I like the shape of it very much'

The woman leaned forward to me and whispered back: ' No problem, madam, I sell them a lot to grown up people', and she winked.

I tried the trolley, bought it, and happy as a child showed it to my gay friends while we had coffee and cake at Popovs.

You want to see my new gadget ? Here's a pic :


idlebones said...

You big Kid!! ;-)

Jurgen said...

You are actually going to use that? :)