Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Sowing the Seeds of Love

I have been working hard in my garden the past week. Since it's my own now, it might be worth it to plough through the earth and get myself dirty.

As I tried to get rid of the bald patches in the lawn, I sowed some grass before my previous night shifts started. I did so, as not to trample over the newly sprouted plants with my plump feet during daytime hours.

Last week, when night shifts ended, I went outside to check on the result. It had been raining a lot after a dry period, so I expected a good result.

You can't believe what I saw : A big, fat pigeon was sitting in the middle of the lawn, peacefully choosing between the seeds and the fresh grass sprouts !

I had to chase it away myself, can you ever believe that ! I have three cats and they were all sleeping sound inside of the flat. They can at least take turns in guarding the garden, that's my point of view of how matters should go around here !

No food for them tonight, that's for sure !

1 comment:

trip said...

Your poor cats, they have to work for their food :p