Friday, 25 May 2007

Tournamenting Kalix

I promised more stories about my trip to Kalix, so here we go. My chess buddy is coming over to Belgium next month, so this might be the right time to talk about the chess tournament in Kalix.
Lakke, who works in a bookshop, organised a special chess competition for me, in his shop, between the books. It is here that I found out that Swedish people are very friendly, they even let me win the competition !
In the pictures you can see my buddy Maaarten who is losing against me, Lakke with his good luck green beret and poor Niklas, who lost all games.
Oh yeah ! Here are the results :

The international strong coffee chess competition located in Kalix (Sweden), 19Th April 2007, special guest from Belgium

Heidi - Sven 1 - 0
Niklas - Lakke 0 - 1
Sven - Niklas 1 - 0
Lakke - Heidi 0 - 1
Heidi - Niklas 1 - 0
Sven - Lakke 0 - 1


Rolpol said...

Excellent stuff! I've never played a chess competition in person, is it an interesting experience psychologically?

Faluche said...

My dear friend,
have you never felt the sweet taste of victory on your tongue, the look on the opponents face, when you whoop his ass IRL.
Here by, I invite you to come over to Belgium for a game of real life chess and a good a** whoopin'