Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Binary ego tripping

A lot of ego's in one room. Big expectations, but only half of them will be fulfilled. Killer mood taking over brains. The enemy sitting down opposite me, friendly guy... no! enemy! Shake hands, be polite and be quiet.
Concentration, players around are still chatting, shhhh ... ut up, trying to focus here.

One hour gone, the battle is still going on, slight advantage for me, nice position. Opponent is scratching his head. Braincells are activated and warmed up.
Did I close the front door ? That doesn't matter now, try to keep your thoughts on the board.

Have to get up from the table. Suspense is killing me, adrenaline pumping in my veins. Going to wash my hands. Sneaking outside the room, the air is getting bad inside. Too many men in one room. Did I put on too much perfume ? Hard to fit in the gang if you are the only woman among 45 men. Escaped the room now, footsteps behind me. 'Are you winning?', Kind voice whispering. Making my opponent sigh, at least that's something...

Into the damp room again, shall I open a window ? It's getting cold outside and windy. Carefully walking over to the notice board. Hey, little prince being born ! Another baby boomer, shall I make a present ? Sit down and start thinking again, woman!

Board on the other table is ready. A lot of gestures, heavy Antwerp dialect explaining, polite reply in soft words. An ego is hurt, but I cannot figure out which.

Starting to get tired now, wanting to sleep, it's getting so late. Only six people struggling with black and white. Zzzz ...

Chess is like computers, you can have a nice interface, performance and speed, but in the end, all that matters are the 1's and the 0's
... damn, lost again. (picture that I drew when I was a teenager and following the 'Zondagsschaak' lessons. I call it: 'Dame neemt Paard' ... I think only teenage chess players understand the joke ... )

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karienake said...

een prachtige weergave van hoe het is bij een schaakwedstrijd.Sterk geschreven. Jij beschrijft bewust hoe ik het altijd onbewust heb gevoeld. Knap!