Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Brain Damage

I was entertaining myself in the corridor of our department on a quiet moment, when a gynaecology patient came strolling in. The gynaecology department is on the same floor, so when their patients are almost fully recovered, they sometimes hop over to our corridor to have a walk.

Our walls are covered with drawings, photographs and sketches of brain surgery, back surgery and stuff like that. We always have to do some explaining, and it 's easy to have a drawing of certain matters hanging around then.

The gynae patient looked very interested at the drawings. 'So this is a drawing of your bowels then ?', she smiled at me, being very sure that her question was a sign of her exquisite knowledge of anatomy.

Do a mantra Heidi : I will not laugh with the patients, I will not laugh with the patients ...

'No madam, that is a fine drawing of your brain,' I explained

'Am I not on the gynaecology department any more ?' she asked surprised

Mantra, Heidi, mantra very hard !

'No ma'am, this is the neurosurgery department, we're on the same floor', I patiently replied

'So they are doing brain surgery down here !' she said, her face giving me a scared expression

'Yes, neurosurgery and brain surgery, madam'

silently mantra-ing ...

'So, then, ..., they do operations on your BRAINS down here !!! ???', She now looked terrified

mantra,mantra,mantra,mantra, pppfffffrrrrtt

'Yes', I finally sighed, just being able to keep from laughing. Which was already too late for Kat and an assistant doctor behind our desk, they were hiding themselves and sneezing with laughter, only visible for me.

The gynaecology patient gave me a scared look, like I was a devil from hell, treating those poor brain surgery patients. Then she wobbled back to her room very fast.

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