Saturday, 10 March 2007

We are ABsolutely FABulous !

The only rotten thing about night work, is the death of your social life. It happens when you sleep when other people are awake and vice verse. In this period of nights, I'm missing no less than three quizzes and a concert by The Waterboys. (Already seen them twice, they're great!).

Last night, the annual inter-hospital quiz took place, a big event with our three fusion hospitals. I was a bit sad, because I had to miss it, it was big time fun last year. Our department quiz delegation named 'The Subdurals' (guess who invented that name ...) was also disappointed because of me, thinking of me as 'The Brain', and them not being able to win without me.
Now guys, don't be so modest. You won ! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they actually won the big hospital quiz !
Kat rang me with a blurry voice at 00.30h :'We won sis quiz thing, sweetie, oops, sorry, I think I drank too much booze already !'.
They all won eight film tickets each and are going to take me along to the cinema with them.


This is what I did last night :
  • Tiptoed from room to room all night
  • Scolded & swore because the intranet computer system was down for too long, so I had to hurry with administration
  • Cleaned up the department a bit, because it looked like a bomb exploded at the late shifters
  • Got myself all wet and sticky while messing with a glucose solution and piercing the bloody thing in the dark.
  • Sent a couple of text messages, but didn't get anything back
  • Ate home made fruit salad

'Sigh ... ' only four to go ...

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