Saturday, 3 March 2007

A Deadly Culinary Conversation

Not all chess players are macho boys. I also have made a few genuine friends while playing chess. One of them is Idlebones, a peaceful Irish writer of children's stories. (read those on the link at the left) The following conversation we had while playing a game of chess last week. Guess who won ? !

Bones :You're soo dead, Belgian Waffle !
Me : Just you beware, or you'll drown in your pint of Guinness !
Bones : Yeah, yeah, yeah ! And you'll choke on your chocolate !
Me : Poowie, I'll make a minced pie out of you in no time !
Bones : Grumble @#£$ Phnr !! Grumbl Humph !! $$
Me : What's the matter ? Don't speak with your mouth full of boxty or are you out of words already ?
Bones : Don't abuse me with your mouth full, luv
Me : I'm sorry, babe, can't help abusing you, it's soo tempting !
Bones : Horrible Belgian. Your a** is in for a whoopin' !
Me: Oh, go cry to your mummy. I like a good whoopin' now and then. Aint gonna scare me with that, you Irish Coffee !
Bones : You 'orrible woman !
Me : Love you too babe !
Bones : This Is Not Going According To Plan !
Me : Oooh, I'm sorry. Well that's life, not a chance that is ever going according to plan
Bones : You're nearly done for, Faluche!
Me : Errr, uh oh, aren't you in for some bribery ? Can't I seduce you with something ? Cash, Fame, Free hotel space in Belgium, Dancing the Hula naked ? Puhleese ?
Bones : Naw way ! Gonna beat ya !
Me : I can hear your brain squeaking up to her, moehahahaha !
Bones : Well ***** the ******* of all ****** **** ****. !!!! ********* !!!!!!!! ********* AND! **** **** the*****it *****of ********wingspan*******. Without touching the sides. ***********what I mean???
Dammit. Saw that coming for ages but could do nothing about it. What a get out for you! Should have wiped you out but didn't catch your pawn in time!

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