Thursday, 15 March 2007

Rumble in the Jungle

Do you recognize the phase in 'cleaning up your house' where you happen to make 'more' rubbish than to 'clear' it away ? It happened to me again. I tried to tidy my cupboards and trow away the heaps of useless things you collect over the years. Somehow, I got myself locked in on my bed, tripping over a pile of magazines in my bedroom. It was so terrible this time, I took a picture of it to 'share' with you.
If you take a close hard look at it, you can see the following items :

  • A copy of Oor's magazine with an article about the future of pop music
  • A game of Sea Battle on top of a game of Risk (dunno where that last came from, it's not mine)
  • A map of Gent
  • A barbecue (don't ask me what it is doing in my bedroom ... )
  • The beseeching eyes of my Ginger cat, thinking :'Please master, make sure I can reach the bed again for my afternoon nap'

I usually get tired of cleaning when I reach this phase for a while, only to stow all the rubbish back into a cupboard again ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lief heidietje, een kat heeft geen baasje, maar personeel!!remember!