Sunday, 18 March 2007

Jumping Water

One of my favorite spots in Antwerpen is this bridge at the river's bank: I like to come here and walk across it. In winter the wind blows very hard, throwing the briny smell of the river at the shore. Sit on a bench in summer, reading a book. Watching people walk by. Following seagulls flying and yelling in the sky.
Today there was a warning of 'springtij', this happens only once or twice a year, and then the water walls close, as to protect our city from flooding. The water of the river rises spectacular, this year up to 7 meters. The lapping greedy river waves sometimes came sneaking over the river side, but it was not as spectacular as last year when it flooded.
Still, I like it very much, forces of nature, forcing men to adjust themselves. Almost ... some tourists found it necessary to climb over the water walls, although it was forbidden by police order, and strolled up to the edge of the river. Some people just find nature not exciting enough as it is ... Dangerous and unnecessary act they did, the wind was blowing extremely hard, pulling jackets and skirts, luring people into the water.
I stayed nicely on my bridge, enjoying the view, the silence of the wind whistling in my ears, the sun tingling my pale winter skin.


Jurgen said...

Strange, no police (or someone else for that matter) stopped me from going too close.
But it was nothing interesting really ... went on that same bridge and also took a picture!

Faluche said...

Haha, so you took a picture of the purple mooring pole ! I also saw that one, but found the other one far more fashionable ...
I found it interesting and relaxing though, my walk.

Peter said...

That's my one of my favourite spots too in Antwerp ! No matter what the weather is like, the sky is always different.