Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Pie Anyone ?

I am very happy to tell you that today, 7 january 2009, I dropped my first toy for the Toy Society !
I did it on my way to work, on my favorite spot. It's a little piece of nature with a cycle path, between the Paola Children's hospital and the University of Antwerp. I love it because of the amount of bunnies that hop around there at dawn. The toy that I made, was a crochet piece of pie, together with a crochet cup of coffee ... Yay, I know, sounds odd, but I think they look kinda cute, no ?
It was horribly cold when I made my drop and very icy on the cycle path, but I made it: I put Belgium on the Toy Society map ! In the evening ... it was gohone ! And then the worrying starts : will they find a good home ? Will people treat them nicely ? Awww ... Let's hope we get a response soon from them ...
Hugs and love,


The Toy Society said...

Hooray!!! Just posting your drop to The Toy Society blog now.

Yarni Gras! said...

that is terrific! isn't it FUN to do! Thank you so much for leaving me a note of encouragement.......
I love your crocheted sweet treats.

Sorka said...

That is an adorable tea cup. Where did you find the pattern for it? I am looking for such a pattern to make cups for a local chairty sale called "Cup of Kindness" I would love to know the pattern source!

And I am sure that your gifts will find a good home!

Penny said...

You haven't put anything on your blog in a while so Tag you are it.
I am tagging you to try my Rock Star Club MEME. Go to my blog and check under March 2.
It is a fun one.

Jessica Marie said...

i love the little face on the cup. so cute! :D