Thursday, 10 May 2007

The battle continues ...

On the second day, the blond little girl didn't sleep much. Tossing and turning in her warm safe bed, trying to figure out figures.
And Whooo, the Wise Man of the Immo office spoke to the Mighty LandLord about the silly offer in secret. The Mighty LandLord didn't agree and laughed. So the Wise Immo Man putt a lot of pressure on the blond girl through phone, even got her angry.
And so the story goes, that on the third day, the little girl raised her voice on the phone and lost her temper. Telling the Wise Immo Man where he could stuff the Mighty LandLords offer. The little girl had the nerve to do so, because she consulted The Almighty Experts of The Banks, telling her that in the end, 'money' is all what matters.
So the Mighty LandLord cursed and shivered and had no other choice than to accept the first offer from the little naive blond girl.
The first part of the Battle to stay in the Garden of Eden is over ... now the clash with the Almighty Sharks of Bank Experts begins ...

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Rich said...

Jolly good, glad you have a place of your own!