Monday, 9 April 2007

The Supplies are Coming !

Lovely spring weather always makes me joyful. So today I popped my silly head outside and walked to the bus stop. The sun was soft and tickling me, so my smile broadened. I crossed a black man on the pavement in front of my house.
'Hello', he said to me, and laughed back, showing me a row of flickering white teeth.
'Hi', I naively replied to the stranger, always being friendly to everyone.
Then, he spoke these magical words :
'Maybe tomorrow I can have some additional supplies delivered',
and then walked away.
Now this got me puzzled all day ... what on earth is going to be delivered tomorrow at my doorstep ? At first I thought it may be the new milk man, but now I'm pretty sure about his origin ...
He's an associate of the Easter Bunny, going to bring me another supply of delicious chocolate eggs in my garden !
How exciting ! Can't wait until tomorrow !

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